You know that the retail prices of smartphones vary depending on the region / country, because there are different ways of charging, and more recently, the ever-increasing inflation plays an important role.

The most anticipated event of this week was the release of the iPhone 14 series of smartphones. Because Apple will sell somewhere between 80-90 million phones of the new generation this year alone, thought that it would not hurt to have an indicative ranking related to the prices practiced in several countries.

They checked 37 countries (not Romania), and according to the data collected by them, the cheapest iPhone 14 (regardless of model and version) can be purchased in the United States of America, and the most expensive in Turkey. In the United States of America it is a somewhat strange situation because the cost of taxes varies by almost 100 dollars between the state with the lowest rate and the one with the highest. In Turkey, on the other hand, we have a high inflation, one of about 80%, which is precisely why the prices have a serious margin right from the launch.


  • The 128GB iPhone 14 starts in the United States from $829, while in Turkey from $1699;
  • The 128GB iPhone 14 Plus starts in the United States from $929, while in Turkey from $1918;
  • The 128GB iPhone 14 Pro starts in the United States from $999, while in Turkey from $2193;
  • The 128GB iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at $1,099 in the United States, while it starts at $2,412 in Turkey.
If you are interested in all the prices verified by, here is the full analysis.