We are in a time when the charging speed makes the difference, and we see this every day with the phone that comes with it. The fastest options allow you to charge up to 50-60% of the battery during the 10-minute coffee break.
External battery manufacturers try to keep up with trends and launch increasingly bold models. One such example is the Anker PowerCore 24K, an external battery with a capacity of 24,000 mAh and fast charging at 140W.
On this accessory, Anker introduced the new Power Delivery 3.1 architecture, one that brings a speed increase of 40W compared to the previous generation. The battery has two USB-C ports that can charge simultaneously at 140W each and a USB-A port that can charge at a maximum of 18W.
Anker PowerCore 24K is also equipped with a small display that displays a limited series of information (battery percentage, how long it takes to charge, charging speed, etc.). This battery is compatible with over 1000 devices and can even charge a laptop.
The Anker PowerCore 24K is available to order for $149.99 ( approximately Rs. 12,000).