Information related to the smartphone market in Q2 2022 (April 1 – June 30) has started to emerge. We will analyze the data provided by Omdia and Canalys. The market itself was down, Samsung, Apple and Honor managed to be in a positive trend.

First let's go through the information provided by Omdia and compiled by GSMarena :

  • Samsung – 62 million units and 8.7% growth compared to Q2 2021;
  • Apple – 48.9 million units and 12.9% growth compared to Q2 2021;
  • Xiaomi – 39.4 million units and 21% decrease compared to the same period in 2021;
  • OPPO – 25.7 million units and 20.9% decrease;
  • vivo – 24.8 million units and decrease of 21.5%;
  • Honor – 15.1 million units, 125.4% increase compared to Q2 2021;
  • Realme – 13.4 million units and decrease of 2.9%;
  • Motorola – 12.7 million units and 19.8% growth compared to Q2 2021;
  • Tecno – 8.7 million units and 22.5% growth compared to Q2 2021;
  • Huawei – 6.4 million units and 34.7% decrease compared to Q2 2021;

If we add up the sales generated by the BBK group (OPPO, vivo and Realme + OnePlus from which we have no information above) we get more than 64 million units, enough to have someone else on the first position of the podium. Please, BBK does not exist on its own and we discuss these companies separately.

It seems remarkable to me that Huawei maintains its position in the top 10, in the context in which it faces limitations in terms of access to the component market. Honor on the other hand seems to me to be starting to rev its engines, and the positive feedback from China is to be picked up from other markets as well. I think they are on a real offensive and I expect some pleasant surprises at the local level as well, in the latter part of the year. They just had the official launch event in 🇷🇴.

Canalys data has also been uploaded to GSMarena :

The first 5 positions are unchanged. The values ​​in millions of units are slightly different from the Omdia statistic. Notice how OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi are on a downward trend. They lost millions of units in China for two reasons: the Honor offensive and the effects of the pandemic (in Q2 2022 there were severe lockdowns across major cities).

The smartphone market is dynamic, and in the second part of the year I expect a consolidation for Samsung and Apple. The South Korean company is preparing a new generation of foldable smartphones, and Apple has a new series with a traditional debut in September. Honor is starting to gain traction, and the effects could also be seen locally.